#Howto use templates with 23degrees.io

1. How to create a template with 23degrees.io

This is about as simple as it gets: once you are happy with the design of your map or chart simply go to the template icon at the bottom of the index. Then klick + CREATE NEW.

2. How to apply a Template to an exisitng chart

Next we’re going to explore how we can apply an existing template to a map or chart. This is pretty straight forward. Just choose your statistic, go to the Template tab and selet your preferred Design Template. As with creating a new template you can now select which style elements you want to apply to your graphic.

3. Updating existing templates

If you want to adjust some or all design settings of an exisitng template you can use the update function. Here, again open the template tab and select your prefered design template from the list. Klick on the edit icon and then update. You can can update any module of your template but keep in mind that updating an existing design setting will overwrite the old one, unless you uncheck the corresponding check box next to settings module.

4. Good to know

Of course you can always delete existing templates. Simply klick on the edit button and press delete.

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